It is the time of self-isolation and we try to stay healthy, and try to keep shining as much as we can. A giant map or Earth covering my beige-coloured wall. Some parts of the wall is peeled by the power of the white tags. My calendar still shows March, days don’t matter anymore, only the weather matters to me now because when it’s sunny I take a quick stroll along the canal and listen to the sound of it as it rushes down the walls, it’s fresh, stentorian, beautiful.  Through the sash window on my living room, there is a grand tree glances at me everyday, it was naked in winter, now it’s growing its summer dress;  lush green leaves and the birds resting on it, chirping. Every morning, the pigeons on my windowsill are racing to eat all the seed I serve. On the other side of my house is the busiest street of Hackney. I watch the people queuing and shopping, some masked, some appear to be immortals standing close to one another, no mask, no gloves.

I used to write and paint everyday when I was younger. I love writing since I learned how to do it, I love painting long before that; it feels like getting lost in another world, very meditative. My mum is a Fine art graduate so she introduced us to a world of dreams and colours from a young age.  I love the smell of the gouache and acrylic colours. Before my main graphic work and writing became electronic, I used to have marks of ink and paint in my hands. Nowadays we are bound to stay at home because of a cluster of invisible creatures that may invade our bodies. It doesn’t sound like an act of nature but more of a hi-tec, sci-fi work of some experimental scientists working at a weakly-safety-sealed lab; the monster has escaped.

On a time like this, I am writing every day;  it’s not ink anymore; everything is electricity, as simple as that. When I am writing this, actually with my every action and inaction, a waltz of cells under thunder and rain of electricity is taking place in my dear brain; it’s always a party out there. The world is going Tesla and Edison more and more each day so does my brain; more electrical activity, electronic stimulants and distractions; my life is surrounded by waves and frequencies and I am trying to follow this dance, I stumble, I stop but I carry one. Electricity is good, it excites the water. It excites me, apart from all it helps me to look at the photos of the sea, the beaches and for places, houses, flats by the sea; Brighton, Bournemouth, Dover, Devon.

I like the salty scent, sweet breeze of iodine infused embraces of the sea. The song of the waves is what I long for, my feet disappearing in the sand, my hair getting heavy as me getting lighter, my existence is bound by the sea. Sometimes punch in punch with the waves, sometimes sand pulling off my feet, sometimes a smooth float as my eyes pour into the sky and the bright sun and my ears silenced, dunk in the sea.

The symphony of the waves feels like Rachmaninoff to my ears; smooth and then rough and strong but always in a mathematical harmony. And me, a string in the water following the notes, I mean the ripples. How strange it is that the frequency is much like the ripples in the water; gets bigger, gets wider, getting wilder –just like human and then converging into one another –just like us -or just like a virus spreading. Every specie on Earth wants to grow, expand, become more. This is the basic instinct of existence on Earth…all so different, all the same.

And here we are; a body of water and a heart beat of electric.

After all, we were all a drop of water and electric beat once before we become us; following a moment of love, lust or job. Our mere existence depends on water, that’s why we are all; before anything else: WATER! And me, choose to be, fluid like the sea and converge into the soul of the Earth when this is all over! I will be running to the sea , right into the bio-luminescence waves!

In this time, when we have the chance to go deep in ourselves, find the thing that keeps you shining. Remember it, recognize it, accept it, hold it tight and let it make you brighter than you have ever been…find your bio-luminescence wave and be it.

by MB