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KAI – Little Footprints Project – Küçük Ayakizleri Projesi


Little Footprints (KAI) was an creative filmmaking project that was produced in Istanbul, Turkey in 2010. Our aim was to support and empower youngsters through the use of media. Youngsters wrote , shoot, edit short films that express their ideas and thoughts about their rights, lives, social issues in Turkey and their hope, vision for a better life, for a better world.

We taught them how to work on an idea and how to turn that idea into a written story, we helped them to visualize it as the film director and through their artistic view they make their own short films. 

Why Little Footprints?

Because we choose to follow their footprints that will lead us to their unique world !

It is a common sense that adults are mainly right as decision makers because they are more educated and more experienced than young generations so youngsters follow their big footprints. This is very useful and advantageous for young souls in order to learn from experience and be able to avoid mistakes and may progress faster.  That`s true ! As a common sense, youngsters follow the footprints of older ones, in other words adults.

But sometimes an agony in the distance is heard or mumbles on the lips need to go louder or a constant gaze tries to grab some attention..their footprints in the world might be smaller than the adults but they need to get heard, their little footprints may lead us to an unknown issue that we need to know about or a new perspective.  

They must be listened when they want to say a word: a word to change their lives, many lives , their society, even may be the world.  They need our attention and sometimes the support for the courage to speak up, they need you to look at them, hear them so that they can lead you to their own path and show you their sack of dreams where they keep all their future, fears, views and hopes. That`s why we wanted to provide them a media platform where they can speak up, we choose to follow them when they lead us to their own world! 

As a follow up to TRT1 broadcast of Children’s Program ‘1Minute 1World’, this initiative aimed at empowering children to express their ideas and emotions through the film. The project was held in İstanbul, Turkey.

The Films below were made by children who attended Little Footprints Project that is supported by National Geographic Kids, İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul University, İstanbul Kadıköy Municipality

The Films below were made by children who attended Little Footprints Project that is supported by National Geographic Kids, İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul University, İstanbul Kadıköy Municipality

A short info about the workshop, Istanbul / TURKEY

 “Little Footprints”  KAI (Kucuk Ayak Izleri)“Little Footprints”It started as a creative youth empowerment project in Turkey. Through the use of filmmaking, Littlefootprints aims to show the perspectives of 12-18 aged youngsters. Our first theme was ” Disability”. Our team of filmmakers, psychologists and sociologists were with youngsters along the way and helped youngsters to create their own stories with the themes “disability” and turn them into max.90 seconds short films with the provided technical support . A tree is planted in the name of every participant and a participant certification is given to all the youngsters who made films. Everything they do will also leave a mark on Earth, every film they make, every tree they plant will remain as their little footprints. Video links that includes the short films made by youngsters during our “KAI – Kucuk Ayak Izleri ( Little Footprints) workshop in Istanbul. All films are written, shot and directed by children.

Awards & Screenings

  • The subject of Little Footprints (KAI) workshop was ” Obstacles/Disabilities” in relation to the children rights.
  • Little Footprints (KAI) project was supported by Kadıkoy Municipality in Istanbul
  • Also supported by Suat Ayoz Traffic Members Foundation ( Turkish Representative of FEVR)
  • The Media support was National Kids Geographic Magazine
  • TEMA ( http://english.tema.org.tr/)  Foundation supported the project by giving them certificates for every tree that is planted for each of our participants.
  • Participants of the Project were children from LOSEV Children Lukemia Foundation, Turkish Hearing Problem Kids Foundation, Freedom to Kids Foundation, Bilgi University Children Culture Research Center youngsters
  • Two universities supported the project : Istanbul University, Istanbul Bilgi University.
  • Istanbul Bilgi University provided the technical equipment and university campus ( away from traffic) for safe- filming location.
  • With support of TEMA Foundation ( to let kids know about the nature) , a tree is planted at Tekirdag Forest for each participant and children got certificates of their trees.
  • KAI Project involved technical (for filming) and pedagogy team as consultants that supported students during the 5-day workshop period.
  • In 2009,for the first time Turkish children films produced during  “Tv project : 1dakika 1dunya” participated in Camera Zizanio, Greece Youth Audiovisual Festival, and the project received an award.
  • In 2010 September, KAI films were screened at Kadıkoy Municipality
  • In 2010 September, The films were invited and shown at Istanbul It’s Film Festival
  • In 2010 December , The films were invited and screened at Camera Zizanio, Greece
  • In 2010 December, the films were screened in Istanbul International Children Bienale.

Little Footprints(KAI)aims to support youngsters who have intense interest in film making and also youngsters who want to use video cameras as their voice to let the whole world hear about their opinions/views/feelings about issues that they care about.